"At 40 Pillars we help you analyze and identify where you are, where you want to go and what you need to get there. Unlike many competitors, though, we go the distance with you."

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start” Dr. Nido Qubein

Looking deeply into the key success factors of your business or career, 40 Pillars helps you reinvent yourself or your business. We bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways so our clients are able to transform from market followers to market leaders.

For Businesses: If your company needs to improve business operations, marketing, work/life balance, employee engagement or succession planning – we’ll plot the course to make it happen and be your organizational sherpa for the climb.

For Individuals: If you need to destroy limiting beliefs and discover the leader within you, gain confidence, build networks, target your talents, reinvent your career or make something of that business idea – we’ll guide you on the trek to uncovering your inner greatness.


Joe Cohen is a success strategist who has coached and managed over 100 career professionals. The son of immigrants, he started life on terrain that led down rocky paths. He got a “wake-up call” and, with the advice of strong mentors, turned his life around. It wasn’t easy, but he persevered. Along the way, Joe developed personal strategies for success and proved them while completing his BA in communications and his law degree. He has continued to prove those strategies through his educational, personal and career successes in telecommunications, banking and nonprofit. He also employs them as a lecturer and consultant to individuals, businesses and nonprofits.

Within his life challenges, Joe found his passion for helping people and organizations innovate, transform and lead. From his career experiences, he learned how leadership ability impacts how executives build their businesses. That unlocked his joy for encouraging, advocating for and coaching individuals or their organizations to achieve their goals for success – as they define it. Pursuing this passion, Joe earned his coaching credentials through the World Coaching Institute (an ICF and BCC accredited school) along with certificates in negotiation and mediation. He has spent thousands of hours researching and applying what he learns to hone his leader-building skills.

Whether working with individuals or organizations, Joe finds that coaching, consulting and seeing client successes feeds his passion. His gift for driving people toward peak performance became the foundation for his coaching and consulting firm: 40 Pillars. There, he specializes in assisting forward-thinking businesses to employ the principles of self-esteem, leadership, and employee engagement to achieve greater levels of success.


Hello! You want to know about results, of course. Our approach to every engagement with our clients is a unique opportunity to discover and develop solutions with them so they reach their full potential.

Certainly, our efforts help corporate or nonprofit clients achieve the expected business coaching results of lowered costs, captured markets, stronger performance and organizational health. Our individual clients lead happier, more balanced lives and advance their careers. Still, the expected is not enough for us. We are all about achieving that extra measure of success, that moment when clients say: “I never knew this was possible!”

Please take a look at my testimonials and recommendations. Then call me today to begin the 40 Pillars process of helping you find your next level and realize the potential you never dreamed possible.

Joe Cohen, Success Strategist

Joe Cohen offers Coaching, Business Consulting, Team Leadership Workshops and Development Programs

40 Pillars is a consulting firm helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential