The focus of the Business consultant is to provide clear, practical advice
and guidance that is intended to help the client reach their stated business goals.

“Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.” Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

40 Pillars will help you understand your environment, explore your potential future, and chart a new course to your chosen destination.

Joe Cohen 40 Pillars Business Consultong and Coaching

One of the first things 40 Pillars Business Consulting will do for you is help you understand where you are in relation to the development of your business. Then, together we can agree on specific goals and targets for the duration of the coaching contract. We will work with you to help define a structured, strategic plan for your business; to deliver and improve business growth; improve business performance; and improve the overall viability. Hence, the focus of the coaching activity will be to focus on many aspects of your organization’s functions. We will help you achieve the defined strategic plan (such as marketing, sales, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc.) and desired business growth.

Let 40 Pillars help you grow your business.