Joe has been a very committed, talented and enthusiastic leader in 180 Degrees Consulting
at both a branch level and on the Global Leadership Team.
Nat Ware

40 Pillars is a consulting firm helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential

Tom StinelliTom StinelliMedical Device Territory Manager
Align Technology, Inc.

When I had set out for a performance coach, I was not looking for someone who could simply motivate me as I was already a highly driven individual. I was looking to be steered in the right direction and find a deeper understanding of my “Whys” and “Hows” to become a top 1% performer. I had five introduction phone calls with various performance coaches but within ten minutes of speaking with Joe, I knew he was the exact person I was looking for. Joe has a unique talent to pull information, question current beliefs and thought patterns, and then guide people to a deeper understanding. After our first one hour session, Joe had such a phenomenal impact on my sales process that I doubled the amount of revenue closed when compared to the previous two weeks combined. He truly caters each session to a given agenda and I feel like mountains are moved in such a short amount of time. I am extremely grateful to work with Joe and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Jonerick BlankJonerick BlankTransitioning Navy Seal Officer
MBA Candidate at the Wharton School ’21

Joe volunteered significant amounts of time and energy to help transitioning military veterans like myself launch their next careers. He does a fantastic job and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for advice on how to brand themselves or reorient their careers!

Nicole PeatNicole PeatGeneral Manager
Ulta Beauty

"Within just a few sessions, Joe has given me tools and taken me through exercises that have begun to transform the way that I perceive myself and my circumstances. I have already begun to see positive results in my interactions with my boss, my direct reports, and my leadership development. I wish I had begun working with him years earlier, but I am grateful for the opportunity to do so now. I highly recommend his coaching. He can assist with tools to overcome a wide range of issues and challenges. It is a very worthwhile investment in oneself."

Eisaiah EngelEisaiah EngelLead Manager
Marketing Communications, AT&T

“Before I started coaching with Joe, I was struggling to improve my emotional intelligence and business network. Joe helped me identify action steps to move forward. I used self-improvement material for years, but having Joe as my business coach has transformed my efforts from reading 2D words on a page into a 3D view of myself that accelerates my learning. Joe is trained as a coach, marketing consultant, spiritual counselor and lawyer. At first, I was skeptical because it was not obvious how Joe’s experience connects. But it turned out to be a huge asset. His experiences are a unique framework. From that framework, he has provided valuable insights and action steps that my other advisors have missed. Most of all, he gives a damn! To get the value that Joe provides, you would need to hire a team of advisors. I am sticking with Joe.” See Video

Charlie HararyCharlie HararyFounder & Partner
H3 & Co.

“Joe has a real understanding of internet marketing. His insights and ideas have really helped me. His ability to merge video and social marketing, while still maintaining the core message, is really phenomenal.”

Josh SteinharterJosh SteinharterJosh Steinharter
Chief Executive Officer at AEG Contracting, Inc.

Our company engaged Joe to help us scale our business. Joe is an outstanding business strategist whose diverse knowledge in leadership and management consulting are key to any organization's success.

Joe also provides support to attract, identify and develop high-potential talent. Joe is passionate about what he does. I would recommend him to any company that wants their business to thrive.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Joe during 2019!

Michael K. Esq.Michael K. Esq.Michael K. Esq.
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Joe as an excellent leadership coach and masterful guide who enables you to actualize your potential. There are not enough words to express my respect and admiration I have for him. His ability to provide perspective as well as assigning appropriate challenges has been key in my own personal exploration and growth. I recommend him without reservation!

Larry SachsLarry SachsPresident
Administrative Services Only, Inc (ASO)

Joe worked on several projects for us. For each he brought a level of professionalism and positive can-do attitude that was infectious for our company and that persisted beyond his work on these projects. Two examples are:

We retained Joe to work with supervisors to hone their skills at identifying and onboarding new talent for our company. He was on the mark with his identifications and predictions and we have incorporated his techniques.

As part of our responsibilities to our clients we train and monitor our staff's skills regarding protecting stake holders' personal information. Joe understood our needs, found a vendor to partner with and helped us implement improvements to this crucial function.

In short, Joe brought has helped everyone he has and continues to come in contact with at ASO to view our work and our relationships with a broader vision; one that includes improved services and efficiency as well as a higher level of job satisfaction.

Nat WareNat WareFounder & CEO
180 Degrees Consulting

“Joe has been a very committed, talented and enthusiastic leader in 180 Degrees Consulting at both a branch level and on the Global Leadership Team. He brings great ideas, a lot of energy, and raw ability to the team. He gets along with everyone and is very easy to work with. He is not concerned with titles/positions, but does the work that needs to get done. He has both a strong business knowledge and a strong social awareness. I am very grateful for the enormous contribution Joe has made to 180 Degrees. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with him, and so I have no hesitations in recommending him.”

Derek L. James, MSDerek L. James, MSDoctoral Student, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Senior Technology Consultant

“When looking for a coach, I was skeptical about how effective the sessions were going to be and how compatible our business relationship would be. Since working with Joe, I found that we had a lot in common which made our conversation much easier and more productive. We only had a few sessions and I feel more excited than ever to continue. I would highly recommend Joe’s services because he is genuine with his methods. He is authentic with his philosophy to business. He hits you straight in the face with tangible methods to progress to success while being empathetic about one’s challenges. He makes sure that you are on the right path to career success and he works with every aspect of your business and career development. He is a great resource for one’s business and personal development.”

David KievmanDavid KievmanAgency Owner
Allstate Insurance

“Serendipitously, our agency was fortunate enough to be found by Joe .… indeed, he was an existing customer of ours, as he has his autos insured with our agency. Our relationship quickly evolved into a strong friendship and now Joe is providing our agency with his professional services. With his expertise -- ranging from marketing, leadership training, hiring, and team building. He has helped us increase our revenues significantly and has created a better office culture, which has had a positive ripple effect. ”

Brandon MargolisBrandon MargolisPresident
Pro Coverage Group

“Joe Cohen has been a continuous support with valuable resources for my business over the years. Joe is as intuitive as he is creative and always seems to know which direction to pursue. With a no nonsense solution-focused approach, I have found that we are able to cut to the bottom line quite quickly and achieve the results desired for my company and my employees. Best of all, he provides knowledge and skills that are applicable ad infinitum. I would highly recommend consultation with Joe and 40 Pillars. You will only benefit from the experience and will not be disappointed!”

Dr. Ted RothsteinDr. Ted RothsteinDentist
Dental Office of Ted Rothstein

My colleague was right in encouraging me to get you involved in helping our office move forward. While it is not easy to consider making some strategic changes to an established business model, I felt comfortable bringing Joe’s management experience into my practice. After Joe came in and did an on-site evaluation, I came away with a set of guidelines to help improve my performance on a monthly basis. Having Joe evaluate my dental practice is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Within 24 hours, I began to see a return on my investment by implementing his fresh ideas to boost my production and make some business choices that will save money. I highly recommend Joe Cohen to all dentists whether just starting out or in practice for years. I now work smarter NOT harder!

Jonathan SenkerJonathan SenkerAttorney
Stivale Law Offices

“Joe worked with me to successfully focus my career and business path. He provided insights into the real estate industry and into developing my online presence. Perhaps most importantly, Joe knows how to really listen ─ and uses that strength to provide perspective and direction.”


Joe is a gem of a mentor/coach and a gem of person. He offers a wealth of insights which clearly are grounded both in his cultivated experiences and innate intuition for growth and accessing synergies where they naturally exist. I recommend him highly and with the greatest pleasure.


James MeadowsJames MeadowsCriminal Attorney
Law Office of James Medows

“Joe is one of those people where every time you speak with him, you learn something about yourself both personally and professionally. I have spoken with Joe many times and every time I have explained where I wanted my practice to be, Joe's advice was implemented and I have seen my revenue grow exponentially. Plain and simple, Joe will not waste your time and will make you money.”

Chuck MorrisonChuck MorrisonFounder
Making Mountains Move

“40 Pillars has been instrumental to the success and growth of by helping us expand our market reach with improvements and additions to our existing marketing services. What impresses me most about Joe Cohen is his innovative approach to branding and business development which has allowed us to reach a larger audience, resulting in an immediate positive impact on our bottom line. I give Joe Cohen and 40 Pillars my highest recommendation to all those looking to drive results and increase productivity. Joe gets the job done!”

Benjamin JessurunBenjamin JessurunAgency Owner
Allstate Insurance

“Joe is a very special person. He is probably the most genuine, self-made, hard-working person I've ever met -- not just hard-working in his career, but in developing himself into the best he can be. By merely speaking with him, he shows you what your potential is. I trust him so much that if I needed any help in my personal or business life, he would be my first call.”

Jeffrey TurtletaubJeffrey TurtletaubDonor Relations
United Hatzalah of Israel

“Joe's insight and ability to assess a situation, recognize a person's potential - and provide immediate and concrete guidance are invaluable. Joe speaks with a clarity and honesty that speaks to the head, and to the heart. He guided me towards a logical and practical strategy to resolve difficult issues when more "experienced" professionals fell short. In short, I highly recommend Joe.”

David NguyenDavid Nguyen Owner
Simple Nerds

“Joe has been a great help so far. As an owner of the web design company, I thought we were already doing everything we needed to do on the marketing side of things. But, Joe came along and brought a fresh mind and new ideas to the table. Since then, we've implemented several of his ideas and seen our sales increase. Joe's guidance and advice far exceeded my expectations.”

Eva LanaEva LanaCEO & Founder
Binary Solution

“As founder and CEO of Binary Solution Test Preparations Inc., I am pleased to recommend to you Joe Cohen. I have worked closely with Joe for about a year and I am very impressed with his work as a consultant to my business.
His interpersonal skills and business sense, due to his experience with a wide range of entrepreneurs, have been invaluable in Binary’s development process and made a significant contribution to our success. During that time he has earned my complete trust and respect because of the professional, honest and friendly way he has dealt with people. His unfailing professionalism and courteous manner underline his value as a genuine friend in business.
Specifically, Joe has provided creative marketing ideas and strategies. He has tailored his method to Binary Solution’s goals, and helped me bring in new customers. His ability to get along with students and professionals of varying ages and backgrounds has been instrumental in expanding my business. On numerous occasions, he has performed in depth research in order to understand the needs of a varied target demographic, and was then able to connect me to a new client base using his charismatic communication abilities. My other colleagues and business partners that came in contact with Joe enjoyed working with him as well, which I believe is indicative of the impression he leaves upon the people with whom he deals.
I can enthusiastically recommend both Joe and his services to your organization."

Vicki AdesVicki AdesVP
Photo Enhance

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Joe. He kindly went through my website and gave me his honest opinions and plenty of constructive criticism that will help solidify clients. He was patient and truly knew his field. He has the ability to think like a consumer and advise accordingly. If you want to propel your business, I highly recommend Joe.”

Loren BerkovicsLoren Berkovics Social

“Joe Cohen is a master at his job! I run a non-for-profit and was stumbling on a few projects. Joe directed and then assisted me in getting my goal done in a proper amount of time! Extremely efficient, Joe gives you the time you need and the assistance! I definitely recommend Joe!”

Dr. Simcha Y. CohenDr. Simcha Y. CohenCEO
Qualmed Sleep Diagnostics / Sleep 4 Life

“As a professional that has diverse elements to my business, I was really not able to focus on one specific goal. Working with Joe has allowed me to develop a focus which allows me to best apply the various elements of my abilities, in a most effective way. I have engaged in other consultations with various individuals who offer similar services, however I have found that what Joe has to offer far surpasses them. Along with the wealth of existing knowledge that Joe displays when discussing ideas, there is a refreshing element of learning which he is apparently always doing. This allows me the confidence to know that with Joe I will always be exposed to the newest information that is out there. Another thing that sets Joe apart is that he maintains a very defined line between your role and his. He maintains a level of respect that lends itself to extreme comfortableness with regard to changing direction or focus mid-stream. My confidence in his direction, and guidance is a result of his dedicated work, and true results, I really suggest to anyone who has hit a brick wall and needs a push, 40 Pillars will make the difference you need to break through.”

Brendan RorkeBrendan RorkeEmerging Leaders Program
Business Operations, GEICO

“I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a number of different consulting projects. He came into 180 Degrees Consulting with an impressive amount of consulting experience, and served as a mentor to nearly 20 student consultants at Hofstra University. He provided practical, sustainable, and innovative solutions to the various issues provided to us by local non-profit organizations. Joe is extremely talented, driven, and wise, and I am convinced that he will continue to find success in his future endeavors.”

Emil KhanEmil KhanAssistant Vice President
Deutsche Bank

“Joe and I attended law school together and I have known him for about three years. He brings the best and rare qualities of a legally trained professional and combines it with his entrepreneurial mindset. He is very persuasive when it comes to advocating for his clients, and bringing excellent project management skills for his business. He is also very driven when it comes to getting the job done. For example, while attending law school, he managed to balance it with operating his own startup company, which is not an easy task. Also, unlike lawyers, who tend to be very risk-adverse, Joe balances it with taking the necessary calculated risks inherent and necessary in a startup. I believe that Joe would be an excellent candidate because he brings the best of both the legal and business professions together and he constantly seeks new ways of innovation. Overall, I highly recommend Joe.”

Elliott KatzElliott KatzPublisher
Award Press

“Joe Cohen is an innovative thinker when it comes to marketing, especially Internet marketing. I have been consulting with Joe to raise awareness of my book, Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man and he has provided excellent ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. He has his finger on all the newest ways to use the Internet to reach people with your message. His passion and enthusiasm for my goal -- to change the men of the world -- has led to dynamic and effective marketing ideas. I highly recommend him.”

Nicole HerringNicole HerringTechnologist
Monocle Systems

“Joe is very insightful and thoughtful. His suggestions and ideas are creative and easy to implement and add strong value to the projects at hand. He is inspiring and I look forward to working with Joe in the future.”

Jonna HealeyJonna Healey IT

“I was delighted when Joe asked me to work with him on the development of his website Throughout the entire process, Joe was a pleasure to deal with.
I found Joe to be efficient, well prepared and attentive to the finer details of his website and business as a whole. His knowledge of the sector in which he runs his business to be of sound quality, and his experience clearly shone through. His obvious passion to provide companies with his wide expertise and advice comes through just by talking with him.
Working with Joe on other projects within his business has also been a pleasure. We worked together to build an effective website strategy for Covershield Insurance (, ensuring the business had a portfolio to advertise their expertise in their market. Joe proved to be focused and dedicated to getting the best results for his clients.
Joe is a very competent communicator, and his knowledge on strategic business development is excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending Joe and 40 Pillars to any of my clients.
Thanks Joe”

Benjamin BrodyBenjamin Brody Director Of Business Development
Unity Capital

“Joe and I worked as a team handling business and legal issues for Accelerate Long Island. Joe is careful, intelligent, hardworking, helpful and a team player. His skills really shined on our time together. I look forward to working with Joe again.”

Max BidnaMax Bidna Managing Partner / Creative Director
Hell's Creative

“I had the pleasure of working with Joe at Accelerate Long Island and I could not be more impressed with his passion for people and marketing expertise. I look forward to an opportunity where we can work together again.”

Rabbi Adam JacobsRabbi Adam JacobsManaging Director
The Aish Center

"Joe is a wonderful guy to work with. He is innovative, intelligent and chock full of clever ideas. He has an intuitive sense of what the client is looking to accomplish and is skilled at showing them unique ways of achieving their goals."

Rabbi Henry HarrisRabbi Henry HarrisEducational Director
The Aish Center

“Joe Cohen has provided our non-profit outreach program excellent ideas and direction in maximizing our presence online and in social media. Whether it's the broad strokes of where and how to be communicating our messages or details in how to choose art to go along with our iTunes uploads, Joe has helped us take advantage of new vistas in reaching thousands of new consumers.”

Yosef DavisYosef DavisExecutive Director

“Joe is insightful and a pleasure to consult with. His easy-going nature and well-rounded knowledge of marketing can surely help any organization produce wonderful fruits. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their brand and marketing success to get in touch with Joe and see for themselves.”

Derek Sleater CookDerek Sleater CookLeadership Development Training Specialist, Transformational Speaker

"In just a few short weeks, Joe Cohen has provided me with exceptional coaching and consulting that has result in some major shifts in my mindset, strategy and execution.
The results I have already created because of Joe’s candid and compassionate questions and observations is nothing short of remarkable, as I find myself taking action more quickly and more easily than before.
Whether you think you need accountability or not, I believe that all of us benefit from an advocate like Joe, who cares enough to be direct and honest. Because of my crazy schedule during the holiday season, we have not spoken for a couple of weeks. Yet, Joe’s impact has been so profound that I can hear his voice and feel his supportive presence as I contemplate, plan and act on my “self-reinvention” for 2018.
I believe that, for me, the most beneficial coach and consultant is not one is always correct (in my opinion), but one whom I can trust to reflect to me what they see and provide their opinion.
Joe Cohen is secure and confident in who he is and the value he provides. Joe has consistently risked sharing feedback that would seem to contrast my existing belief system. “Yes-Men/Women” are easy to find. Joe Cohen is a rare treasure who has earned my trust by consistently demonstrating his willingness to care enough to be candid, respectful and be my mirror as I pursue success."

Diego O BarrosDiego O BarrosAssociate Attorney
Jon Norinsberg Law, PLLC

Joe is tremendously insightful in all aspects of consulting relating to employment dynamics and career prospects. Moreover, Joe is easy to talk to, honest and overall a good person. Over the years, I have continuously benefited from his sensible advice and relied on him for key decisions in my career. I highly recommend Joe, feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Michael K BrownMichael K BrownFounder
Law Offices of Michael K. Brown

Once in a while you get lucky and meet someone with that special character trait thats able to completely understand your goals and have real life solutions. When I first met Joe, I knew it was my lucky encounter. He just "gets it". Like a mind-reader, he goes in deep and brings you to a much better place with plenty of "ah ha" moments. Joe's a great Life and Business Coach who can motivate all sized companies to think out of the box to find creative ways to keep work productive and meaningful at the same time. I definitely received a high ROI on my investment. I would love to see Joe do this on a larger scale for various levels of government - sort of like group therapy for the masses on a national level. Joe's abilities are unlimited and what he can offer you and your organization are equally unlimited." Michael Brown, Esq.

Myles McGrayMyles McGrayMyles McGray
Strategy + Coaching for Transitions in Career

Joe creates great space to work within, and I found his direct and solution-focused approach very effective. He was able to help me recognize some simple and straightforward actions that are making an impact in the evolution of my business.